Sports Grant

At Northlands we aim to instil a passion

and love of sport for life.

Clubs timetable for Autumn


Before School

8:00 – 8:40


12.15 – 12:45 –KS1

12:45 – 1:15 – KS2

After School




Lunchtime games


Ks2 Dance



Wake & Shake

All Years

Lunchtime games


KS2 Volley Ball



Hot Shots

Lunchtime games


KS2 Kwik Cricket




Lunchtime games


KS2 Cheer Leading





Lunchtime games

Drama club


To promote a healthy school, we provide pupils with opportunities to have active minutes.

This can take part during transition times, moving within our lessons and our 10 minute daily Mile challenge.

Number of Pupils and School Sports Grant Received

Total number of pupils on roll


Total number of pupils eligible for sports grant


Lump sum

£16000 (additional funding in September)

Amount of grant received per pupil aged 5+


Total amount of Sports Grant received


Aims for Sports Grant Spending April 17/18

  • To develop sporting competitions during lunchtimes

  • To increase participation in extracurricular activities

  • To promote healthy eating through ‘change for life’ discussions within learning opportunities. As well as lunchtime staff and breakfast club, promoting healthy eating.

  • To build upon the fundamental skills to strengthen children’s physical development

  • To increase extra-curricular activities for KS1

  • To develop community links – building school sports teams in order to promote our school vision and ethos: One Community- Many Cultures- Achieving Together.

  • To provide additional breakfast clubs.





Premier Sports Partnerships.

Coaches working in school each week

Increase participation in sporting activities by increasing number of opportunities provided within a lunchtime club and afterschool club.

To develop teachers skills, providing team teaching sessions to develop professional understanding and teaching techniques.




Additional breakfast clubs provided to develop teams within school, so that we can play across the community. Football game planned of which we won 3:1 against. Impact on team spirit and level of challenge.

Input a football and hockey game led by premier leaders to develop a level of competitiveness during lunchtimes, working successfully. High attendance and level of involvement.

The Golden mile- introduced in order to develop fitness levels, team captains built so that pupils can complete during lunch and am arrival. Launched January 2018, impact of pupil’s stamina and pace of running. Improved fitness levels seen during fitness level tests, some pupils only achieving 10 laps in 10 minutes now moving onto 18laps in 10 minutes. In Year 6 and 4 where pupils have been retested 68% have improved their score with at least 3 or more laps in Year 6 and in Year 4 71% of pupils have increased their score.

Harris – School Sports Partnership.

Brought into School Sports Partnership to provide CPD opportunities for staff and build up a sporting network.


Boxing fitness and badminton afterschool club. This had a huge impact in our attendance of clubs; it was a very popular club resulting in children having to be on a waiting list to attend. A wide range of groups also attending including: 22% Pupil Premium, 39% EAL, 13%Send and 9% gifted and talented.

CPD provided for MDS to improve lunchtimes and promote active lunches, this has seen a huge reduction in behaviour with only 1 or 2 lunchtime exclusions within a half term compared to 24 the previous year.

WASPs coaching – tag rugby

To widen children’s choice of participation within games. Develop techniques and make links with professional sporting teams.


Impact of pupil knowledge of the team game. Quoted from Y3 teacher ‘ From being complete Novices, the children can now pass, dodge and are starting to understand basic rules. They have grown in confidence and there is a real improvement in their listening skills and working as a team.’


To promote healthy eating and effects healthy eating has on our bodies.


Funtrition has had a huge impact on our pupil’s choices. Pupil shave been taught the importance of active lifestyles and healthy living, pupils have commented ‘Funtrition is fun because we get to have more PE and we get to learn if you eat healthy it passes through your body quicker.’ PP boy. Another pupil commented, ‘It helped me not eat as much and I do more running.’ Targeted Boy in Y6.

‘It motivated me to set targets for myself and to stay healthy at all times.’ Targeted Y6 Girl.

The Golden mile

To develop children’s fitness level and build in a fitness programme to encourage children to walk or run on a daily basis, measuring the distance travelled.


Launched January 2018- led by House and Vice captains. Impact on developing leadership and pupil outcomes.

Improved fitness levels and discussed, In Year 6 and 4 where pupils have been retested 68% have improved their score with at least 3 or more laps in Year 6 and in Year 4 71% of pupils have increased their score.

Sports for Champions

To inspire pupils and outline four key elements of success: Teamwork, Responsibility, Communication and Creativity.


Pupils sponsored

60: 40 split

Raised enough money for the athlete, was successful in inspiring our young children, who enjoyed taking part within the circuit. Developed the four key areas of which I aimed for it to get across, teachers now using some of the activities within part of their warm ups with children of which relates to their desires.

New sports Kit

To improve presentation at sporting events and build a team



Sports kit on order. Scheduled to use in January for all sporting events.

Presentation of pupils, they will all look the same.

Curriculum Resources

To vary choice of activities throughout lunchtime and PE activities


Increase in sporting activities provided so that pupils can calculate more than 30 active minutes per day. Improved fitness levels and pupil participation in sporting activities.


All year 3 take part in Swimming once a week all year


Pupils all attend including PP to develop confidence of swimming 25m

Back and 4th

Transport of pupils to competitions

£ 200

Transport to and from competitions.

Dance teacher

To widen choice of afterschool clubs and increase participation in sports.


(11 weeks)

Increase in numbers attending club – range of pupils including all pupil groups. Full group attendance. High quality teaching of dance including complex moves taught within a week a dance is learnt and practised. Fast pace moving.




(Sept -April 2018)


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