Attendance Policy and Guidance

We expect all children on roll at Northlands to attend school every day, on time, when the school is in session, as long as they are fit and healthy enough to do so.


We expect our children’s’ attendance to be at least



Parents and carers have a legal duty to ensure that their children of compulsory school age receive a suitable full-time education. It is also vital that they encourage their child's regular and punctual attendance at school.  Poor school attendance can impact upon pupils progress, attainment, friendships and self esteem.



Illness and Absence


It can be tricky deciding whether or not to keep your child off school, when they're unwell. If your child is well enough to go to school but has an infection that could be passed on, such as a cold sore or head lice,  we ask that you let the school office know.




If you are not sure if your child is well enough to attend school further information can be found on the NHS website.


If you make the necessary decision that your child is too unwell to attend school then we ask that you contact the school by 9am on each day of absence.


Should a child's absence go unreported then the school office will contact parents to establish the whereabouts of the child. If no contact can be made then school leaders will perform a home visit.


Where every effort has been made to make contact with parents but no contact can be made the school will initiate safeguarding procedures -A referral to MASH, (Warwickshire, Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub).


Registration is completed in the mornings and afternoons. Each pupil is therefore given two attendance marks per day.

Pupils must be in their classrooms for morning register no later than 9:00am

The afternoon register is taken on pupils return from lunch: Reception Class and Year One at 12:45; Year Two and Three at 1:00pm and Years Four to Six at 1:20pm


NB: Lateness can effect pupils learning and confidence. Missed minutes in the classroom can cause anxiety and lost learning opportunities.




Parents whose children are of compulsory school age and registered at school are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school regularly. If they fail to do this they are guilty of an offence and may be given a penalty notice or prosecuted under section 444 of the Education Act 1996.


Staff at Northlands school are here to support parents with school attendance. Attendance is monitored for each individual monthly by the 'Attendance Team'. Parents are notified by school if their child's attendance falls below the school expectation and are offered support to address any issues.


Persistently Absent Pupils




Where a pupils attendance falls below 90% they are considered as Persistantly Absent. All Parents of 'Persistently Absent' pupils are invited to an 'Attendance Clinic' with a view to discuss and resolve any issues. If no resolution can be found and absence continues to cause concern then referrals to outside agencies will be made.


Northlands Primary School works with WAS the Warwickshire Attendance Service. Further information about this service can be found by accessing the link below.


For further information on any of the information above please see The School Attendance Policy.





The amendments to regulations make it clear that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Section 2(a) “leave of absence shall not be granted unless – an application has been made in advance to the proprietor (Headteacher) by a parent with whom the pupil normally resides; and the proprietor (Headteacher) considers the leave of absence should be granted due to the exceptional circumstances relating to that application.”


Leave for holidays during term time will not be granted.



There may be an occasion that constitutes exceptional circumstances; an application can be made to the Headteacher for the consideration of an absence.


If you would like to request a Leave of Absence (LOA) please:

  1. Visit the School Office for a Leave Request Form.
  2. Return the completed request forms with an accompanying letter addressed to the Headteacher explaining the full circumstances and reasons for your absence request. Please ensure you return the completed forms with as much notice as possible.
  3. The Headteacher will respond within 5 working days, and may request a meeting with you to discuss the leave request further before making a decision. You will then be informed in writing as to whether the leave request has been authorised or unauthorised.
  4. Please ensure you keep copies of the leave paperwork to provide you with evidence of the absence authorisation.


All Unauthorised Leave of Absence is referred to 'The Warwickshire Attendance Service' (WAS) and may result in a Fixed Penalty Notice.



It is important to note, Fixed Penalty Notices are issued to each parent of each absent child, (for example 2 children and 2 parents, means each parent will receive 2 invoices in the amount of £120 each, totalling £240 for both children, this is reduced to £60 per child if paid within 21 days).

Where a Fixed Penalty Notice is not paid within the required timeframe as set out on the notice, the matter will be referred to Warwickshire County Council’s Legal Services to consider instigating criminal proceedings under S444 Education Act 1996.

Fixed Penalty Notices are issued in accordance with Warwickshire County Council’s Code of Conduct for Penalty Notices.

Updated information for parents - Leave of Absence


Northlands Attendance Policy 2020- 2021