Behaviour for Learning & School Rewards

Everyone at Northlands School has the right to learn, feel valued and work in a safe, friendly and caring environment no matter what their role, age, needs or disability.


Everyone is expected to show RESPECT.


We all have the right to be heard, not judged, and to be treated consistently. We strive to be role models and to become a confident, happy and independent learning community.


At Northlands we do not tolerate incidents of racism or bullying at any time. These incidents are dealt with very seriously. See our Anti-Bullying policy for further information.


At Northlands we do not tolerate incidents of verbal or physical aggression by parents/carers towards members of staff. Any members of our school community who choose to be disrespectful will be asked to leave our school site, and where necessary police support will be requested and our invitation for parents/carers to come on site removed.


Aims and Expectations

The school learning behaviour policy is designed to outline how all members, including parents and carers, of the school work together to maintaining high standards of behaviour in order to:

  • Help teachers teach effectively;
  • Help pupils learn effectively;
  • Ensure the happiness and safety of the school community;
  • Ensure Northlands is recognised as a positive and respectful school.


Northlands Learners

We accept and respect our differences and that every action has a consequence. We believe that we should learn from our mistakes and that there are always choices.


We are committed to ensuring that we all take responsibility for our actions, and learn from our mistakes. We aim to promote high self-esteem, and teach each other to establish positive relationships always maintaining our School Rights.

Positive Behaviour Policy

Anti-Bullying Strategy