At Northlands we aim to inspire pupils, promoting a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that we remain with them for the rest of their lives. Pupils are taught about diverse people, places, environments and study events in time. Staffs are expected to incorporate experiential learning into lessons where possible to help embed knowledge. As the children’s knowledge develops they are able to apply skills, such as analysing and collecting data, and demonstrate these skills in a variety of ways such as completing maps or writing at length.



At Northlands we have adapted a thematic approach towards the curriculum. Long term planning is designed following guidance from the National Curriculum. Teachers are creative in planning their lessons to inspire learners. Skills and knowledge are taught progressively to ensure pupils have the opportunity to build on and consolidate prior learning.



Our school’s mission is to ensure that pupils have access to real life experiences that enable them to immerse themselves in their Themes/ Topic/ Subjects.

Our curriculum policy outlines that all pupils should experience at least 1 Trip/ Visit / Visitors or experience per half term. We have found this to be hugely successful in motivating pupils and providing these experience has made their learning more memorable.

Year 6 have been exploring World War 2, they have used their knowledge to create a news article and poem based upon their findings.

Year One have begun to explore 'The Great Fire of London'.

History curriculum overview at Northlands