Learning Journey: Learning 2 Learn

At Northlands we are committed to working hard, trying our best and striving to make the most of every learning opportunity. We are very proud of our positive learning community where everyone, adults and children alike, learn together to reach their potential.


We believe it is vital that in order to excel learners need to take ownership over their own learning, making decisions for themselves that both challenge, extend and support their progress.


To this end, Northlands ensures all pupils have the language, vocabulary and shared understanding of this Learning Journey.



The principles for teaching and learning at Northlands Primary School are underpinned by two key approaches - Meta-Cognition and Self-Regulation.


Meta-Cognition is developing pupils knowledge of how they learn. Meta Cognition teaches pupils to see themselves as a learner and develop their evaluation skills of their own learning and progress.


Self regulated learners are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and can motivate themselves to engage in and improve their learning


Metacognition and Self-Regulation approaches aim to help pupils think about their own learning more explicitly, often by teaching them specific strategies for planning, monitoring and evaluating their learning.

Metacognition and Self-Regulation approaches have consistently high levels of impact, with pupils making an average of seven months’ additional progress. (EEF Education Endowment Foundation)


At Northlands these approaches to learning are known as 'Learning to Learn'

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