Lego Innovation

Lego Innovation.

Northlands is lucky to be a Lego Education school.  Here at Northlands we have a designated Lego Studio to support all our learners.  We use Lego in two ways at Northlands.


In the classroom.

We use Lego in a range of different subjects like Maths, Science, Computing, Science and Design Technology.  Our students have access to a range of Lego resources including We Do and Mindstorms.  Lego bricks boost our pupils’ motivation and stimulate their natural desire to explore and discover. Our Lego resources are cross-curricular, helping our pupils to develop invaluable problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills.




We also use our Lego Studio in small groups as part of collaborative play therapy called 'Construction Club'.  Guided by our trained team of teaching assistants and teachers, our children from across all key stages work in small teams to construct small scale models.  Children invited to engage in these sessions will be working together to develop lifelong skills for the classroom and beyond.  Skills developed include:

  • joint attention
  • collaboration
  • sharing
  • turn taking
  • joint problem solving skills.