Risk assessments

We take risk assessment seriously and have developed an extensive system of controls to mitigate against covid. Due to the extensive size of the assessment we have summarised the salient points below. A full copy of the risk assessment is available below. 


  • Pupils enter and exit using a one way system. Pupils are kept separately on the playground until collected and parents are 2m apart and asked to wear masks. 
  • Parents are kept up to date with sign and symptoms of covid and how and when to isolate.
  • Pupils maintain single year group bubbles and do not mix with other classes. 
  • Pupils use separate playgrounds. 
  • Heightened hygiene measures are in place: regular handwashing, premises are cleaned more frequently during school time and deep cleaning cyclically after school. 
  • Breakfast club provision ensures pupils are separated between bubbles. 
  • Pupils showing any symptoms of covid are isolated in our dedicated area until parents can collect and take them and organise a test.
  • Pupils and staff and regularly taught to recognise and react to signs and symptoms of covid. 
  • All visitors to the school have been minimised and essential visitors (e.g. social workers) must sign in for the purposes of tracking the spread and follow the strict safety protocol to reduce transmission. 
  • All staff wear masks when not directly in front of the pupils and enter and exit through separate doors.  
  • All staff have been offered twice weekly lateral flow tests. This offer has been taken up y the vast majority of staff. 
  •  All assemblies and staff meetings are held virtually.