Safeguarding (including GDPR and Online Safety)

Child Protection and Safeguarding Officers





DSL role

Mr Davoile


Lead DSL

Mrs Carribine

Pastoral Lead

Lead DSL

Mrs Fry



Mrs Smith



Mrs Smith 


Monitor school safeguarding


COVID-19 and safeguarding:


A DSL will be on the school site every school day during the lockdown with another DSL off-site acting in a supporting and deputy function. The Remote Education Offer makes details of how safeguarding will differ during lockdown clear.

To continue to full-fill our safeguarding duties, we will: 

-Ensure DSLs can be contacted daily during term times if a parent has a concern about a child.

-Ensure the Headteacher can be contacted daily during term times if a parent has a concern about a member of staff. 

-Conduct ‘safe and well’ telephone calls to chat with families, offer help and find out how home learning is going.

-Ensure contact is maintained with families - through TEAMs - and to chase up non-engagement to ensure children are safe. 

-Act upon any safeguarding concerns we are made aware of by children, staff or parents in a timely manner. 

-Organise, where appropriate, for home visits to take place.


Parents can also make their own referrals to if they have concerns that a child is suffering any form of abuse, neglect or cruelty by contacting the Warwickshire Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) immediately by calling 01926 414144. Lines are open Monday to Thursday 8am - 5.30pm, Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm.

Local Authority and School Covid-19 Policy and Guidance April 2020

Need help at home with your child?

Need support with benefits or returning to work?

Do not hesitate to contact our Early Help Team led by Miss Carribine: 

01788 542440 

Our core safeguarding principles are:

  • the school’s responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children is of paramount importance

  • children who are safe and feel safe are better equipped to learn

  • this school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young  people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.  Representatives of the whole-school community of pupils, parents, staff, volunteers and governors will therefore be involved in policy development and review

  • policies will be reviewed at least annually unless an incident or new legislation or guidance suggests the need for an interim review

  • if, at any point, there is a risk of immediate serious harm to a child a referral will be made to Children’s Social Care immediately. Anybody can make a referral. If the child’s situation does not appear to be improving, any staff member with concerns should press for re-consideration. Concerns should always lead to help for the child at some stage

  • all staff members will maintain an attitude of ‘it could happen here’ where safeguarding is concerned. When concerned about the welfare of a child, staff members should always act in the interests of the child.


Child Protection Statement:

We recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils.  We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued.  We are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that children receive effective support, protection and justice.


Our procedures and policy apply to all staff, volunteers and governors and are consistent with those of Warwickshire Safeguarding Children Board (WSCB).


Our policy principles:

  • Welfare of the child is paramount

  • All children, regardless of age, gender, ability, culture, race, language, religion or sexual identity, have equal rights to protection

  • All staff have an equal responsibility to act on any suspicion or disclosure that may suggest a child is at risk of harm at home, in the community or in school

  • Pupils and staff involved in child protection issues will receive appropriate support


Our policy aims:

  • To provide all staff with the necessary information to enable them to meet their safeguarding and child protection responsibilities

  • To ensure consistent good practice

  • To demonstrate the school’s commitment with regard to safeguarding and child protection to pupils, parents and other partners

  • To contribute to the school’s safeguarding portfolio

Protective Behaviours at Northlands


Northlands Primary School is a Protective Behaviours School.  Protective Behaviours provides a framework for personal safety, self-esteem, resilience and confidence building.


The Protective Behaviours curriculum works around two key themes; we all have the right to feel safe all of the time and we can talk with a trusted person about anything, even if it is awful or small.


At Northlands we truly believe that educating children about their language of safety can help to keep themselves and others safe.  The Protective Behaviours curriculum empowers children to use their network of safety and to tell a trusted adult if something is making them feel unsafe.


If you would like any further information about Protective Behaviours, please speak to Mrs Carribine our Pastoral Lead.



What is Operation Encompass?

Northlands Primary School works in partnership with Warwickshire Police and Warwickshire Children’s Services to support pupils who are affected by incidents of domestic violence and abuse.  This scheme is called Operation Encompass.   
When the Police attend any incident of domestic violence or abuse in any household in which a pupil of the school lives, the headteacher or a DSL, Designated Safeguarding Lead, will receive a confidential and secure Email on the morning of the next school day, notifying them simply that there has been an incident and that the child may need support.  

On receipt of any such notification, the headteacher and/or DSL will ensure that teachers and other staff directly in contact with affected children support them with due kindness, care and sensitivity.  In addition to supporting children, the process means that the school will also be in a position to offer parents and carers support as appropriate. 

The information will be managed and stored with the utmost sensitivity and discretion consistent with all other confidential safeguarding records.   


Parents and carers please note:


‘Under the Education Act 2002 (Section 175 for maintained schools/Section 157 for academies/free/independent schools), schools must make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.  Parents/carers should know that the law (Children Act 1989) requires all school staff to pass on information which gives rise to a concern about a child’s welfare, including risk from neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse.  Staff will seek, in general, to discuss any concerns with the parent/carer and, discuss the need to make a referral to Children’s Social Care if that is considered necessary.  This will only be done where such discussion will not place the child at increased risk of significant harm or cause undue delay.  The school will seek advice from Children’s Social Care when they have reasonable cause to suspect a child may be suffering or likely to suffer significant harm.  Occasionally, concerns are passed on which are later found to be unfounded.  Parents/carers will appreciate that the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead carries out their responsibilities in accordance with the law and acts in the best interests of all children.’

"What if" - Child protection

This child protection video was created by Cambridgeshire Constabulary as part of a month-long campaign. We all have a responsibility to protect children in our communities. If you're concerned for a child's safety please report it to police by calling 101.

Support, guidance and information for our community:


E Safety at Northlands

At Northlands, we are committed to all aspects of safeguarding including e-safety and have recently been awarded the 360 Mark for excellence in this area. 


Our key E safety policies are accessible below:

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulations

Northlands is fully compliant with all legislation under the new GDPR regulations. Key policies and procedures are accessible below:

Subject Access Requests


If you would like to make a Subject Access request, please contact our Data Champion Mr Julian Davoile (Head Teacher) who can advice you regarding the procedure. Contact can be made by emailing or telephone 01788 540440.