Sports Grant

“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just illusions.” Michael Jordon

At Northlands we aim to instil a passion

and love of sport for life.


We teach pupils to be active participants, through the enjoyment of sports, whilst leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Primary PE and Sport Premium was introduced to improve the provision of physical education and school sport in Primary Schools.

At Northlands we use the funding to raise the awareness of living a healthy lifestyle. We aim to do this through promoting values and heightening the levels of engagement, by providing pupils with opportunities to exercise regularly. We offer before and after school clubs, 2 hours of PE lessons a week and we also promote active minutes within lessons as well as lunch and break time activities. 


To increase pupils confidence, knowledge and skills within PE we deliver a variety of lessons where we focus specifically on developing their fundamental skills. A 'Healthy Living' programme has also been introduced to our curriculum, to provide pupils with a range of exercises and nutritional information in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Another opportunity we have with our funding is to increase participation in competitive sports, including developing community links and building school sports teams, this has helped us to increase the participation of all pupils and develop our skills to compete against others, which promotes our ethos: One Community - Many Cultures - Achieving Together.  


The Sports Premium Strategy Document and Expenditure Reports are listed below.

Whole School challenges Summer 2021


Participation in sports awards 


Pupils are encouraged to complete an additional 30 minutes of exercise daily in order to achieve additional awards. 

For this challenge pupils record any additional exercise they have taken part in on top of their normal active lifestyles in order to collate their minutes. The more minutes they complete the closer they become to reaching the Platinum award, which consists of a sports voucher to choose a piece of sports equipment they wish to have. 


Additional exercises can include: walking, running, cycling, swimming and many more activities where your heart rate is raised. A good level of activity will be evident from you sweating.

Collect as many minutes over the term as you can to receive an award.

Complete 20 sessions of 30 minutes activity to achieve Bronze standard

Complete 35 sessions of 30 minutes activity to achieve Silver standard

Complete 60 sessions of 30 minutes activity to achieve Gold standard

Complete 80+ sessions of 30 minutes activity to achieve Platinum standard


Participation of Sports Awards Certificates

 Look how many pupils have received the sports awards so far:

Silver 21
Gold 8


Silver Awards...

Gold Awards...

Platinum Awards

Trek to Tokyo


As a school we have been challenged to walk from Rugby to Tokyo ready for the Olympics.


Do you think we have what it takes? 

Each class have been given a challenge to complete a part of the journey. Take a look to see where you class are walking to and from. 

Mrs Wormington is calculating up the miles each week to show how much of the journey we have completed and how much we have left to complete. 

Keep an eye on the outdoor display to see our progress.





Total miles

Miles per week


Rugby to London



Year 5

London to Poland



Year 3

Poland to Romania



Year 2

Romania to Turkey



Year 6

Turkey to Iran



Teachers + LC and JD

Iran to Nepal



TA’s + Office staff

Nepal to Beijing



Year 1

Beijing to South Korea



Year 4

South Korea to Japan



We are now at Iran. Lets keep it up Northlands, we can do it!

Ricky Dance - On Tuesday 25th all KS2 classes completed a dance to a current song. It was so exciting, all pupils enjoyed it...

Bikeability Level 1 & 2 April 2021

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