Sports Grant

At Northlands we aim to instil a passion

and love of sport for life.

The Primary PE and Sport Premium was introduced to improve the provision of physical education and school sport in Primary Schools.

At Northlands we use the funding to raise the awareness of living a healthy lifestyle. We aim to do this through promoting values and heightening the levels of engagement, by providing pupils with opportunities to exercise regularly. We offer fully funded before and after school clubs, 2 hours of PE lessons a week and we also promote active minutes within lessons as well as lunch and break time activities- including The Golden Mile.  

To increase pupils confidence, knowledge and skills within PE we deliver a variety of lessons where we focus specifically on developing their fundamental skills. A 'Healthy Living' programme has also been introduced to our curriculum, to provide pupils with a range of exercises and nutritional information in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Another opportunity we have with our funding is to increase participation in competitive sports, including developing community links and building school sports teams, this has helped us to increase the participation of all pupils and develop our skills to compete against others, which promotes our ethos: One Community - Many Cultures - Achieving Together.  


The Sports Premium Strategy Document and Expenditure Reports are listed below.

Clubs timetable for Spring 2


Before School

8:00 – 8:40


12.15 – 12:45 –KS1

12:45 – 1:15 – KS2

After School




Lunchtime games







Lunchtime games





Hot Shots

Lunchtime games





Lunchtime games


 Cheer Leading





Lunchtime games



Autumn Sports Awards for Excellence, Determination and Team work.

Bikeability Level 1 & 2

Dance in KS1


KS1 Football Festival

"To promote a healthy school, we provide pupils with opportunities to have active minutes.

This can take part during transition times, moving within our lessons and our 10 minute daily Mile challenge."



"I am motivated to try harder in PE because I didn't want to be a lazy person who doesn't try their best. It motivated me to set targets for myself and feel like I could prove people wrong even though I might not be an average weight to others." Y6 Girl



"Funtrition is fun, we get to learn how to eat healthy and know how it passes through your body quicker. I try not to eat as much sugar now." Y6 Boy



"Teachers make PE fun." Y4 Boy

PE in action...

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