Year 1

Toy timelines!


Today we continued our learning about Toys from the past.  We talked about the differences between toys that our Grandparents played with and those that we play with today.

We talked about the materials that they are made from and how they move and work.

We then ordered the toys on a timeline by matching up the dates.

The Three Little Pigs


This week in English, we have been familiarising ourselves with the story The Three Little Pigs.  We have carried out lots of activities linked to the story, including designing and labelling a new house for the characters.  Today we worked together to re-tell the story using story telling language and actions. Some some of us were brave enough to tell the story to the whole class!  All of the children have brought home a story map so do enjoy their perfromances.

Welcome to Year 1 2021-2022!


We have had an exciting start to Year 1 with a fabulous WOW day!

We talked about what we got up to during the summer holidays and wrote all about our adventures. We certainly have some talented artists amongst us!

We went outside for a toy scavenger hunt. We used our numbers skills to count and record the total number of toys.

We ended our day by designing and making our own popcorn holders. We put them to good use and enjoyed watching Toy Story 4 whilst munching on our popcorn!

Sport Day 2021! What a fun morning this was!!

Being an artist like Andy Goldsworthy 2nd July 2021 - Today in Year 1 we were artists and we created collages using templates of different minibeast we learnt about in our learning about Animals and Humans - Science. We used our environment and nature all around us to create this, with grass, flowers, leaves, sticks and seeds. Here are some of our amazing work!

World Music Day - 21st June 2021 To celebrate World Music Day at Northlands, Year 1 have been looking at music from North America and in particular Mexico(language - Spanish) and Jamaica. We have explored instruments like the violin, maracas, drums and the Yukele, we have so much fun in our wonderful, relaxing Yoga lesson. Here is a sample of some of our fun activities like a game of - 'Guess my instrument!'

This summer in Year 1, we have been working hard learning about 'Animals including Humans'. We learnt about our body and its parts, we also learnt about the 5 senses and discovered what parts of the body help us use our sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. In the half-term holiday our science project was to, 'Make a sensory board or box, or a sensory bottle' to explore and observe in our science lesson, using our senses. Here are some of our amazing creations, we can't wait to begin investigating by touching, sniffing, listening and looking but no tasting!

Investigating, exploring and describing using our star words to describe what it feels, looks, sounds and smells like

Amazing Rocket - blast off!

Question Time


Today (25th May) we had a guest speaker in Year 1 class, he is in Year 1 and keen to share his project from home. Here are some questions he was asked and his answers too.


Evan:      How did you add some colour to your rocket? did you draw and colour in?

Faustas: The colour bit is the USA symbol (flag). Actually it was easy because it was a sticker!


Oscar:    How did you make the pointy bit at the top?

Faustas: I used the connector module and glued it to the parachute.


Jake:      How did you make the body into the shape of a rocket?

Faustas: The parts came in cylinder bits like and I connected together by twisting.


We were very proud of Faustas and his rocket project, looks like he is ready to learn about 'Space' in Year 2. Well done Faustas!

Look out for a picture of his rocket coming soon!yes

Today Year 1 were very excited to use their art skills in designing their very own stamps for the Royal Mail Design Competition! Here are some of our work, and each child drew a picture of the hero or heroes of the coronavirus pandemic that they would like to see on a stamp. Good luck Year 1

Year 1 PE - Tag Rugby. Today we had a PE lesson on tag rugby, first refreshed our memories on the game and its rules. We were able to remember how to throw and catch the ball in the game. Emily said, 'Last week we practised moving while passing the ball. We can't pass the ball forwards only backwards and sideways.' This week we played two games, first was Swim fishy swim! and the second game was Stuck in the mud. It was so much fun! and it was linked to our theme, 'The Seaside'

Number day @ Northlands - Year 1. Today the 7th of May was all about being super mathematicians, and we experienced all of this doing fun activities! we had numbers everywhere, can you spot our favourite numbers?

To start the day we played - 'The shape game' working with our partners to find the shape using the clues, we remembered our learning from before about 2d shapes and their properties, they are flat, a square has 4 equal sides and 4 corners, a circle has one side, a triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners at playtime we continued to explore shapes in a game of hop-scotch.

In the afternoon, we counted in multiples of 2, 5, and 10. See how good we are at counting now!

To end the day, the 'Flower game' was a popular choice - we filled the garden with flowers using the numicon flower shapes. We predicted which numicon flower would fill the flower bed and which one wouldn't. And we guessed right! the number 4 and 6 fitted perfectly but the number 5 did not. We came to the conclusion that the flower bed had 4 equal sides and corners - a square and so the numicon 4 and 6 fitted perfectly as they are even numbers, but numicon 5 did not as it is an odd number with a sticky out part

Poetry in Year 1!!! April is Poetry month, and in Year 1 we have been learning about poetry. We know so much about it now! How to read, perform, and write poems using - Rhyming words, Simile, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Repetition and even Nonsense words! Enjoy looking at all our amazing work.

To finish off all our lovely work on poetry, we are now going on an adventure with 'The Snail and the Whale' come along with us!

Science week @ Northlands. This week in Year 1 we explored 'colour', to start our experiments we used rainbow colours. We began by cutting paper towels into rainbow shapes, next we coloured in the 7 rainbow colours 2cm high on both ends of the paper. Then we dipped the coloured ends of the paper towel in water. We were amazed at how high the colours of the rainbow grew!

Today's science investigations involved watching colours mix and travel in liquid. We made predictions based on our previous learning and experiences... As scientist we began by mixing colours then, we observed closely what happened. Look at our amazing results!

Safari Day 1st April 2021. Year 1 explorers, have had the most amazing day on a Safari in the Savannah! To start the day Mrs Sefia and Miss McClintock welcomed us into the class to go on a Safari day experience! We decorated animal biscuits, which were really delicious! What a busy and exciting day it was! Take a look at our photos to see how much fun we had!

Safari day fun activities in Year 1. To prepare for our trip we made animal masks and binoculars for the Safari ride, yes our classroom was transformed into a giant safari jeep! We played animal card games and had such fun playing in the animal world! We had a shop too to buy gifts and read lovely animal books and puppets to make our stories. We went exploring and found lots of animals!

Week commencing 22nd March. It's never a dull day learning in Year 1, we have enjoyed exploring how to measure - length, height and weight using non standard and standard units and our star words to describe and compare!

Science learning in Year 1 has been all about the Spring Season and the weather. We were weather forecasters all of last week checking the weather each morning

Year 1 English work, children have been learning about 'Homes and Houses'. This had lead to lots of amazing writing in English, using pictures/describing words to describe their houses. We have learnt about the different types of houses in the UK - detached, semi-detached, terraced, flats, bungalow, cottage. Watch this space as there is more to come!

Work commencing Spring 2 - March 2021 (Reading enrichment). This term in Year 1 the children have really enjoyed enriching their reading, we have been reading lots of books linked to our curriculum and theme - 'A Place called Home'. Have a look at some of our amazing work!