Year 1

Today's science investigations involved watching colours mix and travel in liquid. We made predictions based on our previous learning and experiences... As scientist we began by mixing colours then, we observed closely what happened. Look at our amazing results!

Science week @ Northlands. This week in Year 1 we explored 'colour', to start our experiments we used rainbow colours. We began by cutting paper towels into rainbow shapes, next we coloured in the 7 rainbow colours 2cm high on both ends of the paper. Then we dipped the coloured ends of the paper towel in water. We were amazed at how high the colours of the rainbow grew!

Safari day fun activities in Year 1. To prepare for our trip we made animal masks and binoculars for the Safari ride, yes our classroom was transformed into a giant safari jeep! We played animal card games and had such fun playing in the animal world! We had a shop too to buy gifts and read lovely animal books and puppets to make our stories. We went exploring and found lots of animals!

Safari Day 1st April 2021. Year 1 explorers, have had the most amazing day on a Safari in the Savannah! To start the day Mrs Sefia and Miss McClintock welcomed us into the class to go on a Safari day experience! We decorated animal biscuits, which were really delicious! What a busy and exciting day it was! Take a look at our photos to see how much fun we had!

Week commencing 22nd March. It's never a dull day learning in Year 1, we have enjoyed exploring how to measure - length, height and weight using non standard and standard units and our star words to describe and compare!

Science learning in Year 1 has been all about the Spring Season and the weather. We were weather forecasters all of last week checking the weather each morning

Year 1 English work, children have been learning about 'Homes and Houses'. This had lead to lots of amazing writing in English, using pictures/describing words to describe their houses. We have learnt about the different types of houses in the UK - detached, semi-detached, terraced, flats, bungalow, cottage. Watch this space as there is more to come!

Work commencing Spring 2 - March 2021 (Reading enrichment). This term in Year 1 the children have really enjoyed enriching their reading, we have been reading lots of books linked to our curriculum and theme - 'A Place called Home'. Have a look at some of our amazing work!