Year 2

Sports Day 2021!

What a great morning we had...


Georgia O'Keeffe Art

World Music Day 21st June 2021

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We have learned about music from India, we have loved learning about Bollywood music and creating our own sequence with help from Miss Lindsey.

28th May 2021

Year 2 have been learning all about Queen Elizabeth II.  Today we have been exploring different portraits by different artists.  We compared the different portraits and discussed our favourite.


We then moved onto using pencils to sketch our own interpretation of The Queen

7th May - Number Day!


Year 2 had a great day celebrating number day!  We began by exploring different shape patterns and creating our own.


We then went on to practise our 2, 5 and 10 times tables using the drawings on the playground.  Some of use had a go at the hop scotch whilst counting in 5s!

We finished with a "Who wants to be a mathionaire?" quiz which we loved...especially when we got the answers correct!

Right angles

This week we began our new Mathematics Mastery unit focussing on shape.  Today we had an extremely successful lesson when encountering right angles for the first time.  By the end of the lesson we were able to identify right angles around the classroom as well as sort shapes into those that had right angles and those that hadn't.  We loved using our nifty right angle finders!

Our Favourite Toys!


To link in with our new mystery text for English, this week Year 2 were invited to bring in their favourite toys!  We helped each other come up with expanded noun phrases to describe them and even had a go at using similes.  We then went on to write our own explanations about our toys.  Check out some of out incredible writing!


Science Week at Northlands 2021


We have had a fun filled week of Science experiments based on our whole school theme 'colour'.


We focussed on camouflage and carried out a number of activities including hunting for worms, designing our own camouflaged creatures and challenging our friends to find them hidden amongst the trees and bushes.



Seaside day was a huge success in Year 2.  


We started the day by using water colour paints to create sea scapes.

We then played a sea side letter quiz, solved a number of riddles and used our detective skills to workout the mystery beach sound. We ended the morning with a Punch and Judy show!

After lunch we went to the beach!

We built sand castles, hooked some ducks, played bingo and much more!

Like all trips to the seaside, we ended our day with REAL 'chip shop' chips and ice cream (the ice creams were eaten too quickly to take any pictures!)

In the words of Year 2...THE BEST DAY EVER!


Thank you to Andreas at Fish Plus on Bilton Road for kindly subsiding the cost of the chips and purchasing an Easter egg for every child.  We were completely overwhelmed by your gesture.

Design and Technology Day 29th March 2021 "Wacky Windmills."

Year Two Art Day Tuesday 30th March

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