Year 3

Science Week

As an exciting start to the Summer term we have been celebrating science week by exploring colour.  This theme has been inspired by the rainbows that were used to represent the work of the NHS during the pandemic.  We linked our learning to our rainforest theme and created animal shadow puppets.  Some were camouflaged; others weren't.


We also experimented with Skittles and predicted and observed what happened when we poured water over them?  Would the colours mix?  If not, why not?  


Finally, when the sun came out we took the shadow puppets out to see if they could cast a shadow.  Could we make the shadow bigger?  Could we make it smaller?

Science Week

Design and Technology.

Last term we explored different Chinese Inventions.  We learnt that the Chinese invented gunpowder, compasses and kites.  We had great fun making compasses and kites but our teachers didn't think that making gunpowder was such a good idea.

Kites and Compasses

Investigating Magnets

Year 3 Class Blog

We finished the Spring Term with a virtual visit to a theatre.  We settled in our seats, waited for the curtains to open and watched the brilliant Disney Musical Alladin.  During the interval we had ice cream and pop corn.  As the performance ended we jumped to our feet and gave the actors a rousing standing ovation!  Evan Jafar.  It was a great afternoon, even if the weather had been a little cold for ice cream.

Our Virtual Theatre Trip