Year 4

Year went to Rugby School and took part in a number of different activities, including:

Sports and Languages, DT, Drama and Chemistry lessons. They were also treated to a lunchtime recital by the poet Micheal Rosen.


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Year 4 performed in assembly today. Have a listen to their amazing djembe playing.


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Year 4 are working together to recognise the features of a play script.

Year 4 are completing symmetrical images and challenging friends to complete each other’s designs.

Year 4, have been working hard finding lines of symmetry in 2d shapes.

What symmetrical images can you find in your home?

How many right angled triangles can you fit into a hexagon? 

Year 4 are learning about properties of shapes.

Playing ‘Guess the Shape’, is helping them to compare and classify shapes by asking questions about their properties.

Year 4 took part in a Kwick Cricket festival this morning at Rugby Free Secondary School.

They represented the school well with great sportsmanship, respect, manners and a positive work ethic.

Year 4 have begun investigating how they are going to make their green house structures strong, whilst still allowing plenty of sunlight to get in.

Some of the Year 4 students, who entered the Queen's Jubilee Art Competition, had the oppertunity today to work with glass artist, Melissa Keskinkilinc.

The winner's design has been created using small pieces of glass and will now be taken away and fired to fuse the glass pieces together.

We can't wait to see the final results.

Year 4 have enjoyed creating volcanoes in the abstract style of Frank Bowling.

Year 4 are developing their painting skills by exploring texture.

They’ve used materials, Modroc, tissue paper, cardboard tubes, powder paints, pva and bubble wrap. Look at the results.

Year 4 have started their Volcano art project inspired by the abstract artist Frank Bowling.

Listen to some of the marvellous musicians that we have in Year 4.
These students have music lessons with Mrs Knight from Warwickshire Music Hub.


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Year 4 are learning about length, capacity and weight in Maths.They’ve had fun making estimates and measuring.

Year 4’s art influenced by Paul Dyer at The Eden Project.

They used poster paints, chalks and oil pastels.

Year 4 are spending a night and two days at Rock UK’s Frontier Centre in Northampton.


Two very glamorous swamp monsters…

Amazing team work, supporting and directing each other to ‘Walk the Plank’.

Do you think they’ll find their way out of the maze?

Burgers and tuck shop.

On our two-mile night walk (with Sam the dog), we listened to the sounds of nature, spotted geese flying and roosting in the field, watched cows and calves eating and playing, saw a swan and some ducks. Some of us even saw a deer and heard a cuckoo.

Miss Murray’s making the most of the early morning quiet before the children wake up.

There’s a mist over the fields and lots of birdsong.

They’ve all had a good sleep and are energised for a morning of canoeing.

What fun we had canoeing and swimming in the river!

Listen to some of our amazing Year 4 mathematicians discussing how to find the area of rectangles.


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To help us learn about area, we are making estimates and then using cubes to find the area of various items around the classroom.

In Science, Year 4 are learning about Animals and their Habitats.

we have studied the rainforest to help us understand what a habitat is and that animals and plants rely on each other to survive.

We also ‘played’ Happy Families to discuss and learn how living things are linked to each other.

Year 4, have started to learn how to find the perimeter of a shape and what the measurement of the length and breadth could be if the perimeter is given.

Year 4 have been working hard on their non-chronological reports about Poseidon or Calypso.

They’ve been focussing on the features of a non-chronological report to ensure they organise their texts clearly and correctly.

Some of Year 4 students celebrated the work done by Rugby and Dusmore Rotary Club by playing their djembes in Rugby town centre on Saturday. Thank you and well done to all involved.

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Year 4 have been busy in Maths this half term, learning about decimals and fractions.

In Computing, Year 4 are learning about spreadsheets, formulas and programming.

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