Year 4

Year 4 have been working hard (and having fun) in Maths, learning about decimals.

Year 4 are using The Odyssey in English to learn all about myths and legends. Their first unit was to write a proclamation to introduce The Odyssey and its main themes and characters.

Our Spring Term DT project is ‘Moving Monsters’ and over the last couple of lessons, we have been discovering how pneumatic systems work in a variety of familiar objects. We even had a go at making our own.

This term in Art, we are studying painting and out focus artists are Paul Cezanne and Hilary Pecis.

We spent our first Art Day exploring and discussing diffidence pieces of art and recognising the different elements of art.

We have been listening to different styles of music in our Music Listening and Appraisal lessons this half term.

Our first topic in Maths this term is Fractions. 

Our Spring 1 Science topic is Electricity and Year 4 have enjoyed investigating the different components of an simple series circuit and making their own.

As part of our learning about Ancient Greece, Year 4 are learning about fables, have written character descriptions and will be writing their own.

Year 4 have been learning about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.

To help them understand more about it, they had fun playing a traditional game called dreidel.

A selection of the stockings made by Year 4.

D&T Part 2

Year 4 have begun making their Christmas stockings - showcasing their sewing skills.

Year 4 have been picking out the features of an instructional text in English.

Art Day Part 2

Year 4 completed their backgrounds using watercolours and used different forms of charcoal and graphite to add images - retelling a part of Lewis Carroll’s ‘The Jabberwocky’.

We started our second Art Day today and explored the work of the writer and illustrator Cressida Cowell and began experimenting with watercolours.

Year 4 are working hard to put together ideas for their character descriptions of Charlie from ‘The Wild Way Home’.

The whole school had a treat today - watching Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime.

On Friday afternoon, Sarah from Rugby Colour Palette came in to work with Year 4.

The work created will influence the artist who has been commissioned to create some artwork for Rugby Railway Station.

Year 4 had lots of fun at Mrs Hagon’s baby shower playing Baby Bingo, Name the Baby Animal and True or False

Science - Making Music

Year 4, showed what they have learnt about Sound by creating ,musical instruments that could play different pitches, be played at different volumes and that could isolate sound.

Art Day - Autumn 1

Experimenting and telling stories with charcoal.

Black History - Rosa Parks

Year 4, were given the influential, inspiring Rosa Parks to research for their Black History project.

They were so in awe of her and had so many questions that we have to extend the time given to them, so they continue their projects.

Below is a snippet of what they have been doing.

In English, we have been recognising features of an informal letter.

We have been listening and appraising lots of different styles of music the half term.

Year 4 have been working hard to secure their place value and estimation skills, alongside column addition and subtraction.

In Science, we have been learning about sound and how it travels.

Year 4 had a day at Compton Verney, where they learnt all about the life of a hunter-gatherer. They made bread, lit fires, built shelters and strengthened walls using wattle and daub (with real horse poo in it…)

We went on a sound hunt and the children had to recognise what made the sound and what was  vibrating to make the sound.

In English, Year 4 have been learning all about instructions; to show that they understood the importance of the features of this genre they followed instructions to make their very own woolly mammoth.

Year 4 have been exploring ‘place value’ in maths and considering the value of each digit in a four-digit number, so they can order and compare.

Year 4 investigated the Scientist Christian Doppler. Ask them what effect was named after him.

Year 4 2023/24 - Sensational Start

Year 4 had fun making their own bows and arrows, so they could be hunter-gatherers.

Year 4 have enjoyed eating and playing at the French Cafe.