Year 4

As part of the Harris Schools Sports Partnership, Year 4 took part in a cricket festival at Harris School.

Year 4 have been investigating materials, so they can make educated decisions about their own greenhouse designs.

Year 4 have had a great day learning all about habitats and environmental issues with James from OneDay Creative.

Year 4 have had a fantastic time at Rugby School’s ‘Festival on the Close’. We took park in Sports, Mandarin, Engineering, watched an interactive performance by TeachRex Live and finished the day with some Biology experiments.

Sports day was lots of fun and it was great to see so many parents there supporting us.

We enjoyed having an extra 15 minutes of playtime, for winning Reading Heroes.

We’ve had lots of fun on the climbing wall and learning circus skills.

This half term, Year 4 have been identifying and investigating the properties of different 2-d shapes.

As part of Year 4’s DT project ‘Making mini greenhouses’, they have been exploring stable structures and deciding which 3-d shape will allow in the most light but also remain strong and stable.

Year 4 have been learning all about volcanoes and today they produced non chronological reports.

Have a look at their work in progress.

As part of Year 4’s Art topic - ‘Conference for the Birds’, they have been learning how birds build nests, experimenting with charcoal, graphite, water colours and wax resist and exploring malleable materials to make their own nests.  

Year 4 have been analysing the features of non-chronological reports.

Today, Year 4 went climbing. Lots of the children conquered their fear of heights. They were a true inspiration and supported and encouraged each other throughout.