Year 4

Look at Year 4's Pocket Sized Galleries.

The children found making the plinths challenging but once together, they enjoyed arranging their usually small objects in artistic ways to give them the impression of being huge.

Year 4 have worked hard to create depth and tone in their pictures inspired by Lewis Carroll's 'The Jaberwocky'.

Year four are exploring mark making with mediums such as:  willow charcoal, graphite, ballpoint pens, fine liners, and various tones of grey charcoal.

Today they created blind art and listened to the poem 'The Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll to create initial images based on their favourite words or phrases from each verse.

Finally, they observed each other's work and considered the different interpretations they all had of the same poem.

As part of Year 4's learning for Black History Month, we studied the work of artist Romare Howard Bearden.

The children discussed his use of different mediums and the impact of mixing these. They were also very quick to decide that Bearden was trying to show that society is made up of lots of different cultures and that we should all respect each other and live together peacefully.