Year 5

Northlands Science Week 2021

Today we had the opportunity to apply some of the skills we have learned over the week.  It all started when a mystery letter appeared on the classroom door...

This strange letter got us thinking! Who would say such a thing??!

We decided to use our newly learned skills in chromatography to work out who the mystery letter writer was! We were quite sure it was an adult who had written this, trying hard to disguise their writing! 


First, we took a sample from the original letter to make a chromatogram of the ink that had been used.


Then, we thought about who the adult suspects might be... and we gathered up all the black pens we could find belonging to those adults within or near our Bubble.  We  tested each pen, to see if its owner could have been the one to have written the letter...

Testing the ink... who will be our final suspect?

At last - a match! We have found our culprit!

We wrote an incident report to tell our head teacher what happened!

Northlands Science Week 2021

Today we learned more about Sir Isaac Newton and his experiments with light and colour.  We learned how to create a Reverse Rainbow Spinner!  This is an optical illusion where we learned how to trick our eyes into thinking the rainbow colours had 'disappeared'!

Creating our Reverse Rainbow Spinners... we used our Maths skills to work out how to create six colour sections for our spinners. We coloured each section in sequence...

Testing out some of our Reverse Rainbow Spinners...

Northlands Science Week 2021

Today's challenge for Science Week was to build a 'density tower'. 


First we had to learn that objects (or liquids) can be lighter or heavier for their size; this is called their density.  We predicted whether different solids would float or sink in water - onions, small toys and a tangerine! There were some surprising findings!


Next, we identified that different liquids can be light or heavy for their volume and we found that we could create layers of different liquids forming a liquid tower in our glass! We chose from a range of different, colourful liquids, which looked amazing!

A 'density tower'

This 'tower' of different liquids is made from baby oil, vegetable oil, coloured water, colourful washing up liquid and finally, glycerine.  The layers look impressive, a bit like a rainbow!

Building our liquid 'density towers'...

Having created our 'density towers' using the different liquids, we began to test them!  We tried dropping different solids into our glasses to see whether they were more or less dense than the liquids already in there... We found that the coin sank right to the bottom, but that the grape floated in the washing up liquid. This told us it was more dense than the oil, but less dense than the glycerine at the bottom.  We found that the plastic lid and the sponge were even less dense than the oil, because they floated! 

Admiring the results of our work!

Northlands Science Week 2021!

In Year 5, we have been exploring chromatography.  We have been separating the the colours of our felt tip pens to see what pigments were used to make them...

We made predictions using our prior knowledge about felt pens and what happens when pictures get wet...

Here are some of our chromatograms- it was so exciting to see the results!

Spectacular Seven in Seven Northlands Experience!


 The Science Museum Challenge!

For our Seven in Seven Experience, Year 5 became scientists for the day... The first job was to dress the part!  

We got down to the serious business of being scientists!  We learned how to prepare slides using a stain and used a microscope to look closely at onion cells - they were very beautiful and looked almost like a brick wall!  We could see the strong cell walls and the nucleus under different magnifications...

We then did a virtual tour of part of the Natural History Museum in London.  We learned about the recent travels of 'Dippy' the diplodocus who lives at NHM. (Mrs Hunt got to see him on tour in Dorchester!)  Then we learned how fossils are actually created over many thousands of years.


Mrs Bain brought in some huge fossils for everyone to have a look at!  We then used magnifiers to look closely at some other fossils and we made some detailed drawings of our observations...

Finally, we did a quiz to see if we could 'Spot the Scientist.'  We realized that scientists can be male or female, young or older - in fact, we realized that we are all scientists in Year 5, because we were all exploring ideas and asking questions about the world around us!

Warwick Castle Watercolours...

In Year 5, we have been studying the Normans and motte and bailey castles.  We have discussed and explored different artistic representations of Warwick Castle.  We created our own images of Warwick Castle using different media.  Here are some of our final watercolour pictures...

Disposable Nappy Science!

Year 5 have been hard at work planning investigations to find out why one disposable nappy brand is more effective than another!


We thought hard about some of the important design features of nappies and we even took one apart to find out how they are made! 


We then planned our own investigations to compare brands of nappy - we wanted to find out which was the most leak proof!  We also considered which nappy might be more comfortable for a baby's needs! 

Planning the investigation and testing the nappies out...

Bringing Home the Bread...


Year 5 have been hard at work completing their Design Technology project on bread!  They have been bread tasting, identifying where in the world different types of bread come from and designing their own bread! 


Now they are ready to bake their bread- choosing their own combinations of tasty, extra ingredients for that little bit of extra creativity!   


Fantastic work Year 5! 

Bread making...

The final product! Some amazing and unique bread recipes to take home and taste!