Year 6

In DT we have been learning how to plan and shop for a family meal. We had to begin by thinking of a dish, which has been inspired from a Great British Dish, and then create our own family meal. Based upon our ingredients needed, we then used online shopping to cost up our meal to see if it was reasonable. We learnt lot's about how to consider offers, buying products based upon their 'use by' or 'best before' dates and much more...

In Year 6 today we grew our own rainbows...

We discovered that this was known as the capillary action, we discussed how the three forces: cohesion, adhesion and surface tension allowed the liquid to move up and form the rainbow. The use of the forces works like a chain which pulls the water up the kitchen roll.  

Today we completed the ice investigation... these were our findings...

We discovered that the colour of the skittle did not effect the rate in which the ice cube melted. We identified it was not a fair test as not all ice cubes were the same size, due to some being broken when  taken out of the ice cube tray, which could have caused a change in our results.  

Todays science investigation consisted of us adding water to skittles to see what happened... look at our fantastic results. We then went onto adding different temperatures of water, including salt. The results didn't change, however the speed of the reaction differed.

Science Week @ Northlands - 19.04.21


This week Year 6 will be exploring colour. As part of our science investigations we have been exploring chromatography. 

We have begun by separating the colours of our felt tip pens to see what pigments were used to make them...

We made predictions based upon our previous learning and experiences...

As scientists, we then began to experiment and observe closely what happens when we create a chromatogram...

Finally we analysed what pigments were within each felt tip colour. We then identified that chromatography was the separation of different dissolved substances. In this case, the felt tip pens contain different colour pigments. We identified that some pigments were more soluble than others meaning they moved further up the paper. 

Fantastic Theme homework by Ellie - what an amazing model of a trench within WW1

Roll up, roll up... today is the day Year 6 went to the circus... It was on the 1st of April that Mrs Wormington and Miss Baker had turned our classroom into a circus tent.

Year 6 were so excited, they could not wait to experience a day at the circus...

All of the children really enjoyed being acrobats; learning how to juggle, spin the diablo and hang from the trapeze. It was such great fun. 

Pupils share;

"I have had a fantastic day, I really enjoyed going on the climbing frame and swinging on the ropes."


"I have never been to a circus, my experience today was amazing."


"I have had the best day."




We then ended our fantastic day watching 'The Greatest Showman' with popcorn and juice- courtesy of Miss Baker

Design & Technology

Exploring Scottish dishes and food tasting oatcakes

In Maths we have been reading and plotting coordinates.

In art we were testing out ideas to use for a final designs. We have been exploring Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Glasgow rose and creating our own designs.

Today in Music we have been learning how to record notes within a stave. We then used the ipads to play our notes on a piano.

Today in art we have been creating our own designs based upon the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Some of us have chosen paints; others have chosen pastels or tissue paper. Take a look at our designs.