Academic Year 2021-2022

Year 5 Cake Sale

Roman Letter Year 4

KS1 Football Festival Letter

Year R Final School Trip letter

Residential Letter 2023

Young Voices January 2023

Year 6 RSE Letter

Year 6 Residential Expression Interest for Year 5

Lunch Menu

School Trip Letter Year 1 and 2

Year 4 Project Materials

Festival at Rugby School

Commonwealth Festival

Jubilee Lunch Menu Change

Year 2 SATS

SATs Breakfast Club Letter

Year 6 Pizza in the Park

Year 4 Residential Letter April 2022

Young Voices Letter April 2022

Jubilee Art Competition

VE Day Year 6

Primary School Club Series Years 3 - 6

Theatre Trip Letter Year 6 Final Details

Year 6 SATS Information Evening 28.3.22

New Lunch Menus March 2022

Year 5 Space Centre Letter

Special Menus in March 2022

Year 6 Science Workshop

Year 4 Residential Trip Interest Letter

Christmas Performances

Year 6 Residential Letter November 2021

Parent/Teacher Meetings

Young Voices 2022

Flu Vaccine Consent Form

Year 6 Health Questionnaire

Reception and Year 6 Child Measurements

Special Menus 7th and 8th October

New Dinner Menu