Year 1



We have been learning about the compass points 

North South East and West


We learnt a rhyme to help us remember -


Never Eat Shreddied Wheat

We then drew a compass on the playground with chalk.



In Design Technology we have been learning how to prepare vegetables to make healthy salads. First we designed our salads. Then chopped, diced and grated our vegetables safely. We ate our delicious food then we talked about how we could have made them even better.

Art- Spirals


During Art week year 1 learnt how to draw spirals. We investigated different ways of representing them using a variety of media such as pencils and pastilles.

Finally we made spirals from plasticine and discovered how we could use tools to add texture.

Science- Plants

Year 1 enjoyed exploring the natural world found in our school playgrounds. We used magnifying glasses to observe the details of stems and petals. 

We used rulers to compare the lengths of similar plants.

We drew diagrams and labelled the plants we found.


19th January 2022

We were so excited to have the fire fighters come to school today to teach us about fire safety.

They showed us their uniform and we went into the hall to practise how to crawl on the floor if our home was on fire, to escape the smoke. 

We also learnt how to stop drop and roll.


"I liked doing the actions in the hall." MP

"I liked crawling and rolling." MW

"I liked looking at their uniform." AA


Maths Week 2021

Still image for this video
We're really enjoying taking part in Maths week!

Maths algorithms


Today we learnt a very posh words...algorithm!  We realised that it is a set of instructions to direct a person or robot from one place to another.  We had great fun using an algorithm website to direct the Beebot to different places on the screen.


Story Telling!


We have been using story maps to re-tell the story of The Three Little Pigs.  We rehearsed using story telling language and incorporated some actions into our performances.  Some of us were brave enough to perform in front of the whole class!