Year 6

English reading.


You can help by: 

  • Reading with your child: even at year 6 they are not too old for this. Ask them questions about what they have read and encourage them to read at a reasonable speed (around normal talking speed is a good start).  
  • Support your child by getting them to read and answer questions from reading SATS exams. To break it down further you could get your child to read the text on one evening and then re-read and answer questions in the next. There are great examples of past SATS papers on the internet including ones you do not need to sign up for. Simply type: "Year 6 SATS past papers" into google. Try a few links to find one that you do not need to sign up to. If you cannot print, we can do it for you!


English writing.


You can help by: 

  • Getting your child to write, write, write. At year 6 children should employing a range of techniques and features and you can get an idea of what these are in the example below. Getting an image from a google search and asking them to write a short piece based on it is a good start. 
  • The example below shows what a child at year 6 might be expected to produce at the end of the academic year.