Year 5

DT Week - bread-making part 1. We have been tasting and evaluating different types of bread. We are completing surveys to find out more about the amount of bread people eat - and what types...

Some amazing setting descriptions by Year 5 pupils, based on the opening chapter of Michael Morpurgo's 'Outlaw'...

Spring Term - Art Day Part 1. Year 5 children explored colour mixing and creating monotype prints - in part 2 of our journey, we will build on these skills to create printed zines.

Year 5 learned about primary and secondary colours and colour mixing.

One of our amazing Year 5 students displaying her trophies from Irish dancing competitions!

Today, we built solar systems for our science launch activity....

In our Theme launch, we looked at the story behind the creation of the Bayeux tapestry, then created a collaborative art piece, using scaling up techniques...

Poinsettia prints, details added using paint and glitter

Some winter DT! End of term fun... calendars and cards

Some wonderful extra homework - The National Anthem of Ivory Coast in French and translated into English!

In our Theme learning, we created Viking timelines, and evaluated what we could remember about our Viking topic by playing a team quiz against other groups in the class... very noisy but fun!

We had fun with our Christmas Maths in Year 5 today- we completed a quiz to see if we could identify 3D shapes from information about their faces, vertices and edges. We went on to construct 3D shapes using jelly sweets and cocktail sticks!

Here are some of our wonderful biscuit houses, made as part of our Autumn DT Project...

Our Art Day Projects based on the illustrations from 'The Wolf Wilder', by Katherine Rundell

Year 5 enjoyed the Christmas pantomime performed for the whole school - Jack and the Beanstalk!

Year 5 video - The Institute of Chemical Engineering

We have been exploring -able and -ible suffixes and categorising words...

Have a look at the link below to see more pictures of Year 5 working with IChemE and meeting MP, Mark Pawsey...

Last Friday, members of the Institution of Chemical Engineers came back to Year 5, this time to help us make model wind turbines!  First, we discussed different types of renewable energy, and learned why these forms of power are so important for the future.  We talked about why the demand for energy was growing, and we wondered how we might create and use electrical energy in the future.  We were also very lucky to meet our local MP, Mr Mark Pawsey!   Thank you very much to all the volunteers from I Chem E who came along to teach us today!

Making wind turbines and meeting our local MP, Mr Mark Pawsey!

Year 5 really enjoyed their Autumn dance session with Ricky Dance!

Autumn DT project part 1 - Y5 children have been busy exploring and investigating how they might make biscuit houses... we look forward to the final product!

Year 5 have been studying the work of the artists Grayson Perry, Louise Fili and Paula Scher.  We have focused on the typographical elements and have been thinking about the importance of line in our work.  We completed our Art journey by creating our own self portraits in the style of Grayson Perry's 'Map of Days' piece.  We hope you like them!

Year 5 Art work in the style of Grayson Perry's self portrait

Film Crew Visits Northlands!

Year 5 welcomed a film crew and representatives from the Institute of Chemical Engineering (I Chem E) today!  The children and the volunteers from I Chem E were creating a video to showcase how industry and education can work together to encourage young engineers and scientists.  The crew was at Northlands for the whole day, filming a video about the importance of creating links between schools and chemical engineering businesses. If you look carefully at the photos, you will notice the current president of the Institute of Chemical Engineering, wearing his chain of office!

Here are some pictures of Year 5, the IChemE volunteers and the film crew in action! Watch this space for the You Tube video link!

In Science, we have been investigating ... nappies! We have planned and carried out fair tests to identify which type of nappy was more absorbent.

This week, firefighters from Warwickshire Fire Service visited, to teach Year 5 all about fire safety, and how to make sure our homes our safe. We also learned about the dangers of hoax calls.

In Maths, we have explored Roman numerals. We investigated how we might represent numerals with Dienes apparatus, and then complete some calculations...

Year 5's Science this week involved an investigation linked to sugar! We tried to predict, then test factors that would make sugar dissolve more quickly. There were some excellent predictions from the class!

In Science, Year 5 have been studying the properties of different materials, including their ability to conduct heat and electricity. We also looked at properties such as flexibility and transparency.

Year 5's Stunning Start involved an investigation into .... Viking poo! They had a fascinating lesson, being forensic archaeologists and learning about what Vikings ate.

As part of our DT work, Year 5 have been learning about the structure of bridges. We have created our own prototype models to satisfy a set of criteria.

Year 5 have been exploring different types of architecture and approaches to house building, from tiny houses, which might be more environmentally sustainable, to fantasy creations by modern architects. Have a look at the structures we have created!

Sports Day - Northlands style! Year 5 had a fabulous time, and the weather was very kind!

Welcome to our Picture Gallery! This is Year 5's visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester - the children had a fantastic time, and learned so much more about space!

Year 5 revised their knowledge of 3D shapes, identifying faces, vertices and edges in different solids.

More extra homework! Some of the children collaborated to create a Tudor boat, cannon and cannon balls! The sail even includes a pulley system to raise or lower it - well done!

Growth Mindset Day... Year 5 enjoyed a workshop centred on the importance of doing their best- they also had fun with the giant brain and building blocks of growth mindset!

Ricky Dance returns to Northlands... Year 5 learned a dance involving a chair as a prop...

As part of our PSHE, Year 5 and Year 6 had a talk by local police officers about the dangers of knife crime. We also learned about the age of criminal responsibility, and the impact of getting a criminal record on our future lives.

As part of our work on Life Cycles, Year 5 have been exploring the life cycle of different flowering plants. As part of our lesson, we dissected a flower, to find the different reproductive parts.

Coronation Day - making our own crowns, cakes and inviting parents and carers in to join our celebrations... in spite of the weather!

Science- exploring gears and levers! We created our own gear chains and made mini mangonels (a type of siege weapon)- they were great fun to test!

Year 5 have been busy researching bread as part of their DT, and creating their own variations on the bread theme... some of us chose to make bread using savoury ingredients such as cheese or onion, while others chose sweet additions such as fruit, fruit flavourings and chocolate.  We couldn't wait to taste and evaluate our work!

DT our delicious home made bread recipes!

Final pieces- using warm and cool colours to create watercolour work

Art Skills: using warm colours for effect in watercolour work.

Year 5 World Book Day 2023!

Book Talk - Take 1. Talking about our favourite books...

Still image for this video

Book Talk - Take 2. Talking about our favourite books...

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Book Talk - Take 3. Talking about our favourite books...

Still image for this video

Our Year 5 class poem - The Ballad of Robin Hood!

Performance poet, Dreadlock Alien visited us again... we worked together to create an amazing class poem for the Showcase Assembly!

As part of our celebration of reading, we shared books and read with Year 3!

We had a fantastic time doing our Book Hunt for World Book Day!

DT - Year 5 had a bread-tasting session so that they could evaluate different flavours and textures of bread, in readiness for making their own bread recipes later this term!

In Science, Year 5 have been creating fair tests to find out about how Moon Craters are made!

In Year 5, we have been analysing some of Jesus’ sayings from the Bible; we collaborated to create a short presentation about what we thought some of the quotes actually meant, then considered why these teachings could be challenging or difficult to follow in our modern world.  Finally, we thought about the impact on the world if everyone did follow these ideas.

Our RE investigation about Jesus' teachings