Year 5

As part of our geography work linked to the Thames and river courses, Year 5 have made models of the journey of  a river.  We have included geographical features such as meanders, tributaries and confluences.  We modelled using cardboard, newspaper and tissue paper - we were very proud of the results!

Making models of river courses...

To complete their work on Forces, Year 5 have been exploring some simple machines.  We have focussed on pulleys, levers and gears; we observed some simple machines around us, such as the roller blind and we made see-saw levers from pencils to test the effect of moving the fulcrum.  We explored how combinations of gears change the direction of movement, then made our own combinations of geared systems.


Investigating and making levers and gears...

As part of our Tudors topic, Year 5 have made close observations of still life images of food from Tudor times.  We used viewfinder techniques to focus on a specific food item and then worked collaboratively to recreate Tudor foods using newspaper, modroc, paint and other collage materials.  We hope you enjoy them! 

Year 5 and 6 worked with glass artist, Melissa, to create commemorative tiles for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee...

Year 5 have been learning about da Vinci's Vitruvian man and exploring body proportions...

Ricky Dance visited Northlands this week and helped Year 5 create this dance routine ...

This week, Year 5 have been busy investigating the effect of friction on different surfaces.  They explored how much force was necessary to move a mass over different materials such as carpet, the table top and a foil-covered book.   We also repeated our tests in order to gain an average reading - and therefore a more accurate measure of the force!

Investigating the effect of friction....

As part of our Forces topic, Year 5 investigated the effects of air resistance and water resistance through practical investigations and fair testing; we have had a lot of fun exploring these forces!

Year 5 investigate the effect of water resistance...

Our whole class fair test investigation into air resistance...

This week, Year 5 started their new Science topic on Forces. We created a definition for Forces, and explored how gravity exerts a 'pull' on different objects in the classroom.  We also thought about how the terms 'mass' and 'weight' are similar but different...

Using force-meters to explore the effect of gravity on different objects...

Year 5 used collage and cross hatching techniques to create these 'flat but sculptural' pieces based on our Normans topic.  We selected images from the Bayeux Tapestry, one of the most famous and important pieces of artwork from this period. 

Some amazing pieces of homework this term - posters about our Science topic - Space, and some of our spelling words!

Last week, Year 5 went to the National Space Centre in Leicester, to complete our Science topic on space.  We had an amazing time!  There was so much to see in the different galleries - we learned more about our solar system, the universe and we had the opportunity to visit the 3D Patrick Moore Planetarium, which was incredible! 


Have a look at some of our photos to see the exciting activities we were able to try ! 

The National Space Centre

Year 5 have been busy making bread as part of their most recent Design Technology project!  We spent time finding out what types of bread other pupils enjoy eating, and then we tasted some different types of bread which originated in different parts of the world.  We then moved on to making our own... and finally, the best part - tasting it!  


We did surveys to find out children's bread preferences, did our own food tasting and finally we made our own, individual recipes!

World Book Day in Year 5!

Today, Mr Dreadlock Alien, AKA Mr Grant visited us at Northlands!  Mr Grant worked with each class to help them write and perform their own poetry... we even had a mini poetry slam in school!  Here is how we created our Year 5 poem... from page to stage!

Performing our own performance poem!

Still image for this video
Working with Mr Dreadlock Alien, we looked at different ways to perform our class poem, thinking about how to use our voices in different ways and using actions, expression and eye contact.

Writing our own class performance poem about Robin Hood and his gang...

Year 5 Children recommend some of their favourite books...

Still image for this video

Year 5 learned about the Spanish artist, Joan Miro.  We discussed some of the features of his paintings - bright, vivid colours, simple forms and the inclusion of words.


We explored some of his more abstract work, and realized there are often some stylized images within them.

Year 5 welcomed firefighters from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service into Northlands this week.  They came to talk to us about the dangers of fire, and gave us some vital information about keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe.  We had a really interesting and useful morning - thank you for the important messages we learned!


Year 5 have been exploring area in rectangles using this game...

Just for fun...!  To finish off our work on the Vikings and Saxons, Year 5 learned this song, called 'Viking Rock.'  We thought about the instruments which often feature in rock music, such as guitars, drums and vocals with 'attitude'!  We also thought about how the lyrics linked to our learning about Vikings...despite the image on our blog, there is no archaeological evidence that Vikings wore horned helmets!

Viking Rock audio file - there are no images to show.

Still image for this video

Year 5 have been exploring and constructing 3D shapes using jelly sweets and cocktail sticks.  We used our shapes to identify the properties of our shapes, such as the number of faces, vertices and edges...

As part of their RE curriculum, Year 5 have been studying some connections to Jesus and his teachings; they have been thinking how these teachings link to the lives of Christians today.

Year 5's latest Art project has been to use the shape and form of Viking longhouses for their own sculptural pieces.  The children have worked collaboratively, using natural and found materials to create their own versions of Viking dwellings.  They explored the possibilities suggested by the available materials and adapted their ideas over time, adding their own imaginative twist.    Each pair was asked to suggest a key word or phrase which summed up their sculpture.   

Our sculptural pieces inspired by Viking longhouses

Year Five are just about to start a new Science topic on Space! Today, we found out a little about the planets in our solar system, and then we went on to create our 3D representations, or dioramas.  We had to decide which size of polystyrene ball best represented each planet, and then we used Internet images to help us choose the correct colours.  We hope you like them!

Our representations of the solar system!

Year 5 have been practising their skills in choral speaking.  We have been learning the poem, The Crocodile by Roald Dahl.  We have been working on our intonation and expression, and our ability to keep time with one another. We also created our own set of actions to accompany our poem!

The Crocodile, by Roald Dahl

This is an audio file. There are no images to show.

Still image for this video
Year 5 have been learning to recite the poem called The Crocodile, by Roald Dahl. We have been thinking about our intonation and expression, and we have been learning to speak in time as a group. We hope you like our performance!

Year 5 enjoyed a visit from Tim, who helped us learn about the festival of Diwali, using music and movement.  We told the story of Rama and Sita through dance, and we all had an amazing time!


Thank you, Tim!

Year 5 told the story of Rama and Sita through movement and dance...

Year 5 have been hard at work exploring the Christmas tradition of making edible houses.  We created our initial designs, and thought about how we might make our own houses.  We then created scale plans of our houses, using measured rectangles to represent the choice of biscuit.  Finally, we constructed our houses, and then took them home to taste test!  Tomorrow we will evaluate our designs, and the changes we made to our original ideas! 

Year 5's Biscuit House DT project...

Year 5 were lucky enough today to have a session with one of our favourite visitors to Northlands - Ricky Dance!  Ricky spent a session teaching children some amazing dance moves, which we performed in front of Mr Davoile and Miss Isaac.  It was fantastic fun! 

Stills from our Ricky Dance session today...

For Maths Week, Year 5 have been creating line graphs based on 'Less Than Zero', a story by Stuart Murphy.  We thought about how a line graph tells a 'story'.  This particular story taught us to consider what negative numbers look like on a line graph.    


We then went on to write comic strips based on the ideas in 'Less Than Zero'.  We hope you enjoy them!

Stuart J. Murphy Reads "Less Than Zero"

Stuart J. Murphy Reads "Less Than Zero," a MathStart ( story that teaches the important mathematical skill of negative numbers. Perry ...

We created line graph 'stories' to reflect the events in 'Less Than Zero' to show what happens when you earn money or owe it. Some children began to adapt and change the story events.

We created our own cartoon strip stories in the style of 'Less Than Zero', thinking about earning and spending money...

Year 5 have been showing off their creativity in our Friday Free -Time Activity!  Some of us chose to make Viking and Saxon-style jewellery, based on what we have found out in our Theme lessons!  We had some glorious but messy fun designing these creations!

Viking Brooch Artwork...

In Science, Year 5 have been exploring different ways to separate materials... We have looked at how evaporating, sieving, filtering and magnets can be used to separate materials combined in different ways.  We have thought about solutions (salt and water), mixtures (rice and paper-clips and flour and lentils) and suspensions of sand and water, where the sand does not dissolve.  Have a look at us exploring these processes!

Our salt water evaporation experiment three weeks on - we have grown some amazing salt crystals! The salt water has been absorbed by the string and the pencil. The water has evaporated, leaving the salt.

Some of our experiments involving filtering, sieving and using magnets to separate materials.

Part of Year 5's home learning this week was to read about the Notting Hill Carnival, as part of our work for Black History Month.  The children were then tasked with designing their own Carnival costumes - have a look at our amazing ideas!   

Some of our amazing homework designs...

Year 5 have been studying the art work of Carolyn Mims Lawrence as part of Black History Month.  We have been looking at the painting entitled 'Black Children Keep Your Spirits Free' (1972).  We looked closely at the painting and discussed what it meant to us.  We looked at the use of contrast and colour, then interpreted a section of the painting for ourselves.  We used water-colour as a basis, and fine-liner pens and/or colour crayon for additional details.  We hope you enjoy this sample of our work!



Our images in the style of Carolyn Mims Lawrence

Year 5 have been reading about Beowulf the Dragon Slayer and as part of our Art Curriculum, we have created super-sized Viking style rings, using ideas from our reading to help us... see if you can notice our 'dragon eyes' within the jewels on the rings!   We have worked over several days, to research styles and types of  Viking jewellery, create our own Viking-inspired ideas, before working collaboratively on larger pieces, using modroc, cardboard and acrylic paints.   We hope you enjoy our work! 


The final product! Our Viking super-size ring sculptures are ready to display...

Painting our super-size Viking rings using metallic acrylic paints

We have been making Viking supersize rings with modroc. Some pupils chose to use clay instead...

Using modroc to model our designs... this was messy!

Our Viking mega-ring design ideas...

Year 5 have been investigating the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child.  We have been thinking about what it means to be a citizen of a country.  We thought about the rights children might expect to have, but also what responsibilities this brings with it.

Year 5 PSHE work on rights and responsibilities based on the UN Rights of Children

Year 5 collages - We read and discussed the book, 'Giraffes Can't Dance' and thought about the messages it contains about tolerance and perseverance. Taking inspiration from some of the pictures in the book, we used water-colours to create a colourwash background, then we drew our own versions of Gerald the giraffe learning to dance.