Year 5

Year 5 have been studying the art work of Carolyn Mims Lawrence as part of Black History Month.  We have been looking at the painting entitled 'Black Children Keep Your Spirits Free' (1972).  We looked closely at the painting and discussed what it meant to us.  We looked at the use of contrast and colour, then interpreted a section of the painting for ourselves.  We used water-colour as a basis, and fine-liner pens and/or colour crayon for additional details.  We hope you enjoy this sample of our work!



Our images in the style of Carolyn Mims Lawrence

Year 5 have been reading about Beowulf the Dragon Slayer and as part of our Art Curriculum, we have created super-sized Viking style rings, using ideas from our reading to help us... see if you can notice our 'dragon eyes' within the jewels on the rings!   We have worked over several days, to research styles and types of  Viking jewellery, create our own Viking-inspired ideas, before working collaboratively on larger pieces, using modroc, cardboard and acrylic paints.   We hope you enjoy our work! 


The final product! Our Viking super-size ring sculptures are ready to display...

Painting our super-size Viking rings using metallic acrylic paints

We have been making Viking supersize rings with modroc. Some pupils chose to use clay instead...

Using modroc to model our designs... this was messy!

Our Viking mega-ring design ideas...

Year 5 have been investigating the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child.  We have been thinking about what it means to be a citizen of a country.  We thought about the rights children might expect to have, but also what responsibilities this brings with it.

Year 5 PSHE work on rights and responsibilities based on the UN Rights of Children