Help accessing remote education

What is remote learning and how do I access it?


The information in this section is to support your child or children in the event of your child needing to self-isolate, or if there is a bubble or whole school closure. 


In the last academic year, we successfully used Purple Mash to support online learning.    With the introduction of government guidance and thanks to consultation with our community, we have moved forward to be able to use Microsoft Teams to enhance our existing home learning provision.


Your child/ children have been added to a “Team” channel with the rest of their class.  It is through this channel that you will be able to access live and pre-recorded lessons, information and resources to be able to continue with lessons at home.  Lessons and lesson materials will be added daily for pupils to access and timetables sent out by staff.  If a bubble or whole school needs to close, your child’s class teacher, along with their teaching assistant will be delivering lessons from home or on the school premises if they are working with keyworker or vulnerable groups. Your child’s engagement will be monitored in line with government expectations. Your child will need to view lessons either live or viewing them in the channel after the lesson.


Safeguarding and Remote Learning.


In order to safeguard our children and staff, we ask for your support with remote learning by:

* ensuring that your child/ children are supervised during live lessons.

* making sure that your child/children's video and microphones are switched off.  Our lessons are recorded to support families who may have limited number of devices and parental working patterns, so sessions can be accessed at different times.  For this reason, we ask that these are turned off to respect the privacy and safeguard some of our vulnerable families.


Take a look at resources below to see more detail on how to access Teams.