Year 1

Year 1: 


English reading.


You can help by: 

  • Reading your child a story every night. They will slowly absorb new vocabulary and begin to recognise words by sight. 
  • Support your child with their reading book. Your child should be able to explain how they sound out the words using their phonic knowledge. 
  • Get your child to read for real: this could include labels on jars, signs when your out etc
  • Get your children to read the year 1 tricky words:


English writing.


You can help by: 

  • Getting your child to write, write, write. Get your child to write before they eat their dinner. Even if it is a few sentences, it is starting to embed critical skills of hand dexterity, muscle memory, writing endurance, not to mention letter formation and word memory.  
  • The example below shows what a child at year 1 might be expected to produce at the end of the academic year. The diary entry is deemed to be from a child who is meeting the required writing standards for their age.