Year 6

DT- Year 6 make their own "Eton Mess."

Victorian Decoupage.....more to come....

More Digital Art- The children were using their skills to manipulate images.

Digital Art- Year 6 used AI generator to create an image using 5 key words: Wealth, Winter, Galaxy, Modern and Love. They then experimented using Paint 3D to create their own digital art, using the AI image for inspiration.

As part of our topic, Year 6 researched corporal punishment in schools during the Victorian Era and the arguments in favour and against using it. In English they wrote "balanced" arguments and created posters to display both sides.

A Chronology of the Victorian Period

Summer Term Stunning Start- Making Victorian Peg Dolls.

Year 6 have done an excellent job designing and making shelters for their DT project. We have some future architects in this class!

Year 6 have been exploring a new text in English. They have enjoyed familiarising themselves with the story by creating exam style questions for their learning partners to answer about the text.

Year 6 have created stunning self-portaits inspired by artist "Michael Barret." They have used techniques such as layering, printing and a variety of media to assemble their masterpieces!

Year 6 have done a fantastic job of creating Newspaper Reports, detailing the events that took place in the "Highwayman."

Art Skills- experimenting with warm and cool colours

Our Character Focus for this half term is "Organisation". Year 6 have used their understanding of organisation to prepare and participate in a very interesting debate!

The Highwayman- Year 6 have been studying the poem 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. They have retold the story through drama, explored the language devices used for effect and written a monologue in the point of view of one of the characters.

DT Week 1- Reinforcing structures and testing materials for shelters.

Writing Assembly Nominee- Alfie

Meet Our UKS2 Cross Country Team

Art Day- Portrait Club

Going Green this Christmas

Our Writing Celebration Assembly Nominee- Alex

DT Sewing Project- Completed Funky Furnishings

Anime Artwork

Diwali Drama Workshop

DT- Investigating sewing techniques

Theme- Half term quiz!

Art Day

Performance Poetry

Still image for this video
Check out our performances of 'Swing Low' - a poem about slavery linked to our theme unit of America.

Poem - Harriet Tubman, by Treasure

PSHE - Class Charter

Identifying Different Types of Poetry Challenge!

Writing Award!

Science- Circuits

Stunning Start- Native American Artwork.

Day 3 Group 1 - Tunnels!

Viney Hill- Day 3- Group 3