Pupil leadership

Head and Deputies:


The Head Boy and Girl of the school are the ultimate role models for all other pupils in the school. Duties of the Head Boy and Girl will consist of representing the school and public relations. They will  welcome visitors to the school and act as ambassadors for the school. Look out for their column on the school news letters. 


Head Girl: Hazel

Head Boy: Edward

Deputy Head Girl: Maddison

Deputy Head Boy: Alfred


Our child leadership team is supported by our school prefects who are:






School councillors:

Our school councillors are the voice of the class. They listen  to the class and have a direct access route to the school's senior leadership team via regular meetings.

All councillors are fairly elected by the rest of the class and following a short speech on why they would represent the class well. We try to relate this to real elections and the idea that we are a democratic country and therefore we have democratic processes in school. 



Our current line up is as follows:

Year R: Hridey & Sky

Year 1: Hazel & Ma'Az

Year 2: Milena & Oscar

Year 3: Maisie & Fares

Year 4: Ava-Rose & Elliot 

Year 5: Flo & Olly M

Year 6: Darsh 



School Council Meeting 1
Autumn Term