Risk assessment

Following government guidance, we have removed a number of our previous COVID-19 mitigation measures. We have, for example, removed the need for consistent and separate groupings or 'bubbles'. Below is a sample of some of the measures we will continue to keep in place: 


  • The pupils will continue to line up at the end of day in order that parents can quickly collect them and group gatherings will be discouraged. Key stage one parents should collect their children directly from outside their classrooms. Parents will be encouraged to continue to wear face coverings if they are able. 
  • Assemblies will continue to be virtual for the majority of the time. 
  • We will continue to hand sanitise the children as they come into school, before and after break and lunch and before the end of school. 
  • We will continue to ask teaching assistants to  sanitise tables, equipment and toilets daily. 
  • We will keep all occupied spaces well ventilated.
  • We will continue to issue Lateral Flow Tests to school staff for twice weekly testing, and we will continue to encourage all primary-age pupils to continue to test on a regular basis.
  • Cyclical deep cleaning by the cleaning including regular fogging. 
  • Keep reviewing and make changes as required.