Subject leader: Miss Murray


Subject intent: 

At Northlands Art holds a special place and children talk about using it as a way to express themselves. In many ways this embodies what we aim for it to do: to engage pupils and inspire them to communicate through this most high form of human creativity. We also aim to ensure that they can think critically about art and develop the language to talk about pieces using the appropriate vocabulary as well as developing skills and proficiency in different techniques.


Subject implementation:

We feel art is a very personalised form of expression and as such we do not mark work as correct or incorrect and instead seek to think critically about our own and each others work.  

The work of local, national and international artists are explored to enhance the children's learning. 


Pedagogical approach:

At Northlands, we are aware that no two lessons are ever the same but in general, we seek to ensure that our pedagogical approach to Art includes some key factors.

Art lessons provide:

  • Opportunities for new experiences, balanced with time for repeated practice
  • Structured learning, balanced with space for personal exploration
  • The accumulation of technical skills and contextual knowledge, balanced with growing self-awareness of what it is to be a creative being

As children experience the above, our aim is to enable individual pupils to make appropriate choices regarding materials and processes and to be empowered towards making a personal, creative response.   

Weekly Art Skills lessons, provide the foundations needed to develop artistic knowledge and skills that can be applied in the progressive termly planning. We also advocate the importance of pupils being enabled to follow their own creative pathway and this is demonstrated through the personal, creative responses in their sketchbooks.  Enabling exploration, is key to a successful art education. Progression plans balance two very important elements of a high-quality visual arts education: knowledge with practice.  Repeated practice and consolidation of skills, alongside opportunities to introduce new styles, artists, materials and concepts, feed and excite this creative process.



Subject impact:

Art at Northlands allows all pupils to be involved creatively. We are confident that pupils leave us with the ability to think critically about art and express this in a more sophisticated manner. They also leave with a range of art skills which they have built up over a period of years. Ultimately, they get the chance to experiment and produce and respond to a range of exciting art pieces.