You said, we did

We value parent voice and we have pored through the parent surveys looking for ways in which we can improve. 

Below are examples of where we have taken on feedback and acted upon it, hence the page name: 

You said,  we did


You saidWe did
Children were not always sure about exactly what constitutes bullying.                                                                                                                                                                      

Held an assembly in which we explored definitions of bullying and discussed the best ways to handle it. We invited pupils from across the school to talk about their views and advise others on how to handle it. 

Parents in year R (Reception) are not always sure how to support their children with reading and especially around phonics.   Held an open afternoon for parents in the first term where the Reception team delivered training on how to support early reading at home.  
There was congestion at the school gates. A senior leader patrolled the gates to ensure parents and carers were not causing congestion. 
There was no wraparound care locally. Opened up a morning and after school wraparound provision provided by KITS academy. 
You needed more support with how to support your child with reading, writing and maths at home. 

Set up parent workshops for different year groups in the spring and summer terms: dates to be announced. 

We had great feedback from parents: thank you!

Some parents wanted to talk to teachers directly about their progress and others felt they wanted a more flexible option. Parents meetings to be offered face to face and virtually. 
Parents felt they wanted to be able to communicate more directly with teachers. Teachers given slots in which to stand by the gates at pick up making themselves available to parents. 
Parent concerns about access to school through the car park but wanting to retain access via Pinders Lane. Fenced footpath built in bottom car park: parents and children now separated from cars. 
Letters to made available on the website including those sent out. Letters now stored on website, including letters specific to individual classes. 
Introduce cardigans into the uniform.We brought in a Northlands cardigan. 
Re-establish the school fete. We have re-established the school fete. 
Share pupil celebrations with parents. Re-introduced parent participation at the pupil awards assemblies.  
Increase the "wow" factor of Xmas concerts. Moved to Xmas at Rugby Baptist Church and improved script!