Subject leader: Miss Murray 


At Northlands, we aim to provide all children with the opportunity to analyse, create and develop proficiency in music. This not only includes listening to and analysing a range of influential artists but also playing instruments and having the chance to experiment with different sounds. Our class music lessons are bolstered by opportunities to take part in instrument tuition or indeed to join a band (e.g. Rocksteady)! In addition, we hope to share with the children the fact that music can become a career, especially since members of Northlands have done just this! 



At Northlands we use Charanga because of its well structured, interactive units and our children seem to really enjoy them! They are progressive and provide an excellent framework for children to build upon previous learning. That is not to say that we stifle teacher's freedom of choice and creativity: in Year 4 for example, pupils learn how to play the djembes as part of their musical journey. We are aware that some teachers will want to share their own musical expertise and we allow this within the structure of the Northlands Way but we also expect to see lessons which follow a familiar structure so that previous skills can be built upon. Weekly listening and appraisal opportunities also allow for our children to further embed vocabulary and knowledge by encouraging them to discuss a wide variety of musical styles, bands, artists and composers. 



Regular monitoring suggests that music is taught very well, is evidently progressive and skills are being built up through the children's time at Northlands. For example, vocabulary gets more complex and reviews of music more analytical, not to mention that Year 6 read musical notation and play tuned instruments effectively! Pupils gain the skills required to talk about music confidently and to apply their skills to instruments by the end of their time here.