Year 2

Fluency Friday 06/10

Fluency Friday 29/09

Science Workshop

World Book Day

Science - Seeds!

In Science year 2 have been having a closer look at how seeds grow! 


Year 2 have been using cubes to explore multipliction and division. We've had lots of fun creating arrays and sharing into groups to deepend our understanding.


On Friday Year 2 were inspired by the work of John Mcadam. They used the Macadamisation process to construct biscuit roads. They then added treacle to create tarmac.


Today Year 2 decided on which materials would be best to use to make a boat to carry a orange. They picked materials based on their properties and then tested their creations to see if they had successfully created a boat that could float!


Today Year 2 took inspiration from Richard Long who makes his art by walking in landscapes. He takes photographs of the sculptures he makes along the way. First we created our sculpures in nature taking inspiration from nature. Then we brought nature inside and created some images on our art books. We experimented with form and colour and looked at how we can make our art 3D. Its safe to say we all had lots of fun!


Year 2 have been investigating the properties of materials. They sorted different objects into groups depending on their properties 

Stunning Start

Glass Art Jubille Project

Jubliee Celebrations

DT- Wacky Windmills

World Book Week has begun!

Art Week (Spring 1) - Polar Bear masks

DT Day - Stable Structures

Art Day - creating carboard houses inspired by Monomi Ohno


Black History month