Subject leader: Mrs Styles 


At Northlands, we intend for all children to experience a range of sports, to develop skills within these and to increase their personal fitness through PE lessons. We expect children to build upon previous skills and become proficient in different sports. Our aim is that children access the wide range of additional sports clubs and teams on offer. 


We follow the Twinkl scheme of work due to the fact that it is progressive and, by experiencing the same genres of physical activities each year, we can be sure that pupils are developing their skills and building on what they already know. Lessons are supported by our specialist sports coaches from KITs academy and teachers and TAs benefit from their specialist skills. Pupils typically cover gymnastics, dance, circuit training, games, striking and fielding and athletics. Interspersed with this, are our links with Harris Secondary School: they invite children to attend competitive sporting events which the pupils have developed in during their PE lessons. Our clubs are subsidised by the PE grant so parent contributions are limited and access is extended. 


At Northlands we are aware that no two lessons are ever the same but in general we seek to ensure that our pedagogical approach to PE includes the same key factors. In lessons there will be sustained periods of physical activity as this is key to ensure children are achieving their recommend physical activity goal. Before each lesson children will be aware of the importance of warming up and how not to injury themselves throughout the lesson. The clear warm up will linked to the skills children will be learning in that lesson to ensure a positive learning environment is created before children are then introduced to the learning intention. Teachers will provide clear individual feedback so children can improve in the moment and grow in confidence as the lesson progresses. Once a skill has been learnt children will then be given the opportunity to apply their knowledge in context to allow them to also develop their decision making, problem solving, exploring and adapting and adjusting skills. Towards the end of the lesson children will discuss what they have learnt and set next step targets.


All of our pupils really enjoy PE and we are clear from monitoring that skills and knowledge are progressive: indeed the developmental organisation of our long term planning means that we can watch gymnastics from year 1 to year 6 and see how much our pupils have developed!  Our clubs are very well attended and range from street dance to multi-sports. Finally, we take a great pride in our recently created football team and its meteoric entry in the Rugby area schools league.